Where are the Great Diabetes PSA’s?

I live in London, which means I did not have the opportunity to see the SuperBowl or the advertising. (For all Europeans out there (who probably would NEVER watch American Football) the SuperBowl is the grand-daddy of all games and advertisers pay vast sums of money to air because ga-zillions of people are watching!

I did see this ad that Dove Soap produced. Dove has created a fund dedicated to helping girls with issues related to self-esteem called Uniquely Me.

I like it. It is a worthwhile cause…

Why aren’t similiar sized corporations of diabetes products/services doing something like this? Would it be worthwhile to show the different faces of diabetes and all the patients that are heroically trying to sustain control and management? Why not an inspirational campaign both for research, awareness and greater understanding? Why do diabetes campaigns always have to show images of death, amputation, pain, and desperation?

Are the marketers out there listening?