Diabetes in Mice Reversed using Stem Cells (T1)

by Elizabeth Snouffer on 06/28/2012

Will stem cells be the answer to the Type 1 cure? I believe so.

For the first time ever, University of British Columbia scientists, in collaboration with an industry partner, have successfully reversed diabetes in mice using stem cells, paving the way for a breakthrough treatment for a disease that affects millions of children, teenagers and adults.

The research by Timothy Kieffer, a professor in the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, and scientists from the New Jersey-based BetaLogics, a division of Janssen Research & Development, LLC, is the first to show that human stem cell transplants can successfully restore insulin production and reverse diabetes in mice. Crucially, they re-created the “feedback loop” that enables insulin levels to automatically rise or fall based on blood glucose levels. The study is published online June 27 in the journal Diabetes.  (Science Daily)

The research team concluded that:

Our findings support the feasibility of using differentiated hESCs as an alternative to cadaveric islets for treating patients with diabetes.

Many labs across the globe are conducting research in this field, and utilizing mice as subjects for diabetes studies represents the earliest possible stage in research.  In other words, don’t start celebrating just yet!   However, although more information is needed and this report is very premature to get too excited, obviously the team at the University of British Columbia is worth watching.

For the original study in the Diabetes Journal, click here.  (Maturation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell–Derived Pancreatic Progenitors into Functional Islets Capable of Treating Pre-existing Diabetes in Mice Diabetes published ahead of print June 27, 2012, doi:10.2337/db11-1711)

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SEAP Assay June 28, 2012 at 13:19

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Jamal June 30, 2012 at 19:31

whitch time ican do it

Jamal June 30, 2012 at 20:17

im 55 year ihave Diabetes what shaul ido Ilike it qoukly

Jamal June 30, 2012 at 20:19

Im 55 year Ihave Diabetes what shull ido Ilike the Diabetes in Mice Reversed using Stem Cells (T1)

Jason Rocklin November 9, 2012 at 17:43

I’d like yous guys to make stemcells over the country mandatory for cancer, lupus and leukemia treatment

Jason Rocklin March 27, 2013 at 16:28

Please do something about making even more stemcells over Canada 24/7 mandatory for cancer treatment just like I’ve mentioned above my comment. the reason why I commented yous about stemcells is that i’m kind to people and I care for people.

Melanie L May 30, 2013 at 03:34

Several country’s are offering stem cell treatments now. I just watched a video on it. Granted they are Thailand, China and I think Japan. http://www.hulu.com/watch/493234 they are having great success with it and do procedures all the time. I’m currently looking into having my type 2 treated in Thailand. They also offer financing for this, as you know our Insurance will not cover this.

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