Diabetes TGIF: Weekends and Managing our ‘Stuff’

by Elizabeth Snouffer on 03/20/2010

People with diabetes carry around a lot of “stuff.”  During the week at work or in the home, we might have all our diabetes supplies nestled in a designated drawer in our office desk or a kitchen cabinet.  But it’s the weekend – and hallelujah – we’re free!  Sort of.  Let’s forget about how unfree we are for a moment – it’s the weekend after all!

Sometimes it might be just one or two items we need to carry along when we go shopping or to see a movie.  Other times we might need to take more if we go away for a night or decide to tackle that 15 mile hike.  Often we travel further distances for business or fun and it’s essential to have a kit for our supplies mid-air. (Insulin should not be packed in checked luggage!)  The possibilities for the number of bags we could have are endless!   I am sounding very girly here, and I shouldn’t because  men with diabetes need at least one kit for a monitor and insulin or oral drugs too.

But diabetes organizers or kit bags aren’t usually available on the High Street or at the local mall.  Gap doesn’t sell this sort of thing and neither do most pharmacies.  Ditto for outdoor gear/camping outlets.  There are many luggage specialty stores but – nope, not there either.

But we’re a modern group and online ordering is fun, hip and time-saving…
So here are some different ideas for organizers to carry your cartridges and insulin, syringes or pills, glucose monitor and test strips; if you pump you need to have backups for your “Pod or durables for your “Medtronic.’  All of us need glucose tabs or some form of sugar (gel, liquid (juice) or hard candy).
Note:  You may not know that insulin is stable at room temperature – however, for longer trips and when refrigeration is not available/hot climate – it makes sense to opt for a cold storage bag. I have listed a few below for that reason.

I LOVE these products and the patterns, although they are on the pricey side.  The Daily Mail (UK) reviewed them last year.  The founder is mother to a young daughter with type 1 who told her mummy she wished she had a “happy” bag for all her diabetes gear.  It’s so true!  Kit bags for kids shouldn’t be black or brown mesh – and I think of a lot of us bigger kids might feel better with a happy bag.  If you agree, check this website out.

For the more serious traveler.  Going abroad?  Or are you always on the go and want to ensure your insulin stays cold just like it would at home?  The price is right at 39.95 and it resembles a smaller version of a messenger bag.  A great buy for the no nonsense type.   Father’s day is coming up in June!


The Luxury Classic is made of 100% leather, and has magnetic pocket closures (instead of Velcro) plus a luggage tag for your ID.  When canvas just won’t do – perfect for weekend business retreats when style matters in front of the boss.  Reasonable luxury for $49.95.


Designer Cooler Handbag – perfect for the beach or a day by the pool.  Comes with insulated pockets for insulin, but has plenty of extra space for personal items (sun cream, shades, novel and wallet!)  I say perfect for moms at $69.95

Adorn Designs

A pouch to throw in any carry bag for shorter trips or use as a clutch.  Holds meter, strips, insulin + syringes if needed.  Each pouch is handmade in New Delhi – not sure why this is a selling point but I hope it is “fairly traded!”  Sheepskin leather for $24.00.

The Adorn pouch reminds me that any zipped bag that you like can work.  Many women find Kate Spade’s accessories line appealing ($$), while I believe that the Japanese design company Muji offers fantastic options at a steal, like the Travel Assortment Case for $8.50.  Here in Hong Kong, I could easily cross the border for China and have one custom made from my own designs for a fraction of designer retail… hmmm, maybe it’s time for a diabetes kit in Chinese silk.

Happy shopping – happy weekend!

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